Dere Street Club Night!

What is Club Night?

-Dere Street Club Nights give you an opportunity to meet great people, dine on wonderful food, partake in delicious wine and cocktails and simply enjoy a fun filled relaxed evening.

Where are the Club Nights Held?

-All Club Nights are held at Dere Street Restaurant on our beautiful covered patio, rain or shine.

How do I sign up for Club Night Events?

-Email: Info@derestreetrestaurant with your contact information.

How many people can come to Club Night?

-All Club Nights are strictly on a sign up basis. You can come to any and all Club Nights as long as space is available.

What are the Clubs?

-The Pudding Club: Dere Street is the self-proclaimed home of the "Pudding Club USA". If you have a sweet tooth, then this Club Night is for you. After a choice of two main courses (selected ahead of time) the main business of the evening begins when four traditional British puddings are introduced. Typically each pudding is served with English Custard (Creme Anglaise), sweetened cream or other sauce. You can indulge in as much of each pudding as you want. Afterwards, relax with coffee or tea or your liberation of choice, while casting your vote for "Pudding of the Night". The winning dessert may find its way onto a future Dere Street Menu or Special. The bar will be open offering the full bar selection and selected, reduced price cocktails and wine. A glass of wine and coffee or tea is included in the cost of the evening.

-The Ginstitute: The Ginstitute is not just about gin. The Dere Street Ginstitute is a club evening in which you get to enjoy the tasting of gin, wine, single malt whiskey, bourbon, etc. - you get the idea. Hors D'oeuvres and cicchetti (Italian small plates) are served throughout the evening. Using gin as an example, a typical evening will consist of a distributor sales rep and/or manufacturer entertaining you with a brief talk on each fin offered. You get to experience each gin in its purest form before experiencing them in several Dere Street cocktails. The full bar is open and the gin and cocktails you have enjoyed will available at a reduced price, should you want more. Afterwards relax with coffee, tea or dessert, or another cocktail, while casting your vote for "Best Cocktail of the Evening". The winning Cocktail may find ts way onto a future Dere Street Drinks Menu.

-Pie & Quiz Night: Pie & Quiz Night is a club evening to test out your trivia knowledge. In addition to this fun filled evening you get the selection of two of our wonderful savoury pies, a glass of house wine or a pint of our Boddington Ale. Compile your best team (up to 4 players per team) and compete against others for Dere Street Gift Cards and several other silly prizes.

-Music Night: Music Night is a night where singing and dancing is mandatory. This fun club night event features different themed music. One week you may be boogieing down to the disco or relaxing to some blues, regardless of your taste we'll have a music night for you! Enjoy 90 minutes of live cuts from the evenings featured artists. In addition themed food is served with a glass of house wine or beer. All of the music is shown on our large projection screen brought in for especially for this event.