Our Building

Dere Street Restaurant and Bar is located in the heart of Newtown, Connecticut on the corner of Main Street and West Street. The 19th century building is one of the oldest commercial buildings in Newtown.

The Dere Street Bakery can be found directly behind the restaurant in a small, separate, historic structure that is the oldest commercial property in town. Both stand in the shadow of Newtown’s famous 100-foot tall flagpole at the intersection where it has stood for over 130 years.

The main building, which houses the restaurant, has been the home to dozens of businesses, spanning three centuries, including a general store, barber shop, insurance office, grocery store, hardware store, pharmacy and real estate office. Most recently, the little building in the back was a floral shop.

Both buildings were purchased in 2013 by developers Chris Wilson and Chris Hottois of Flint Ridge Development, LLC and have been painstakingly renovated and restored to their original 19th century beauty.

A canopy, front stoop, mahogany doors with arched transoms and decorative brackets were restored after Mr. Hottois found archived Historical Society photographs at the library, which showed the building throughout much of its history. The result is that the renovation has brought back structural elements that were lost over time.

The developers have also made renovations along the sidewalks flanking the building. New lampposts designed to replicate those from the 1800’s have been installed along Main and West Streets, creating an even more authentic feel.

A new patio was created along the West Street side that will be used by Dere Street Restaurant and Bar for table service during warm weather months.

The Dere Street Restaurant and Bar and the Dere Street Bakery are proud to serve the community from such beautifully renovated historical buildings in the center of Newtown.